Creating Transaction Monitors in Firefox

Last modified on May 22, 2024

Transaction monitors simulate a user’s path through a website, such as buying something, logging in, or searching a website. You create transactions by recording actions in Firefox or Chrome using AlertSite script recorder, DéjàClick. DéjàClick is a free browser extension that automatically records and plays back user action, with no programming needed.

In this tutorial, we will use the Firefox browser to create a transaction monitor for The monitor will search Amazon for Star Wars and verify that the search results contain the film Star Wars: A New Hope.

Important Firefox notice

Mozilla has recently removed access to legacy Firefox extensions, which prevents DéjàClick from being added to older versions of Firefox (such as version 52). Until a Firefox Quantum-compatible DéjàClick extension is available, please choose any of the following options:

  1. Use our Chrome extension. For instructions, see here. Note that monitors recorded in Chrome can be uploaded as either Chrome or Firefox monitors.

  2. Download special version of Firefox 38 with DéjàClick pre-installed. Get it here:

    Note that this version is only compatible with Windows OS.

  3. For users who must have a version greater than 38, the version of Firefox that allows installation of unverified extensions is version 44. Once that version is installed, you can install DéjàClick directly using this file:

    For more information on manually installing extensions on older Firefox versions, see this link:

1. Verify that DéjàClick is installed

If you have DéjàClick installed, you should see the DéjàClick toolbar in Firefox:

DéjàClick toolbar in Firefox

If you do not see this toolbar, use one of the installation methods mentioned above.

2. Record a transaction

  1. To start recording, click RecordRecord on the DéjàClick toolbar.

    Record button on the DéjàClick toolbar in Firefox
  2. If you see a message about simulating a new visitor, click Enable.

    The Simulate New Visitor option is currently disabled. Enabling this option is recommended if you are recording a DéjàClick script for use with AlertSite’s global monitoring platform.

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  3. Open the starting page of the transaction and do what a typical user would do – click the links, fill in forms, and so on.

    In this tutorial, we will search for Star Wars on Amazon:

    • Navigate to

    • Enter star wars into Amazon’s search box and press ENTER.

    Searching 'Star Wars' on Amazon

    Click the image to enlarge it.

3. Create a keyword validation

To make sure your web pages contain correct content, you can add keyword validations to your transaction. For example, if you log into an application as TestUser, you expect Hello TestUser appear on the page, and if it is not there, the application is not working properly.

Let’s create a keyword validation:

  1. Click Validate on the DéjàClick toolbar:

    Validation button on the AlertSite toolbar

    DéjàClick switches into the keyword selection mode. As you move the mouse pointer over the page, DéjàClick automatically suggests the text under the pointer as a keyword.

    Keyword selection mode

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  2. Click the text "Star Wars: A New Hope" to create a keyword validation for it.

  3. In the subsequent dialog, review the keyword and click OK.

    Add Keyword Validation dialog
  4. You can repeat steps 2-3 to add validations for other phrases on the page.

  5. To exit the keyword selection mode, click Close Validation on the DéjàClick toolbar again.

The transaction is now configured to raise an error if the text does not appear on the page.

4. Finish recording

Click Stop recording on the DéjàClick toolbar. You will see a message with the number of recorded events.

For now, the transaction is temporarily stored on your computer. We need to upload it to AlertSite so that the transaction will run from the global monitoring locations. We will do this later in this tutorial.

5. View the recorded transaction

All recorded user actions appear in the DéjàClick sidebar on the left side of the Firefox window. If you do not see the sidebar, click the Open SidebarOpen Sidebar button on the DéjàClick toolbar.

On the Properties tab, you can review the event properties and playback parameters.

DéjàClick sidebar

Click the image to enlarge it.

6. Replay transaction on the desktop

Before uploading the recorded transaction to AlertSite, you need to replay it locally to make sure it works correctly.

  1. (Optional.) If you want to measure page rendering time during monitoring, click Configure Options on the DéjàClick toolbar and select Quick Settings > Replay for User Experience.

    Replay for User Experience option
    Note: With this option the replay may take longer because DéjàClick measures render times after loading web pages.
  2. Click Replay.

  3. If you see a message about screen size adjustment, click Yes.

    DéjàClick will now repeat the recorded actions in the browser.

  4. If you see a message about page content timeout, click Skip to Next Event, and DéjàClick will automatically adjust the timeout.

    Page Content Change Timeout
  5. When the replay is complete, the results appear on the Results tab on the DéjàClick sidebar.

    Script Result

If there was an error, try re-recording the transaction or try adjusting playback parameters on the Properties tab. For troubleshooting tips, see DéjàClick Troubleshooting Guide.

7. Upload transaction to AlertSite

After the replay completes successfully, you can upload the transaction to AlertSite.

  1. On the DéjàClick toolbar, click the Remote Services button and select AlertSite Login.

    AlertSite Login
  2. Enter your AlertSite login and password and click OK.

  3. Click again and select Upload Recording.

  4. In the Upload Recording dialog that appears, specify the Transaction Name and other parameters:

    Upload Recording dialog
    • Service Type – Leave as Business Transaction Monitor.

    • Select Upload as a new transaction.

    • Plan Code – If you have multiple monitoring plans, select the plan to use for this transaction.

    • Interval – How often the monitor will run the transaction. Default is 5 minutes.

    • Timeout – The timeout for each HTTP request in the transaction.

    • Browser – The browser that AlertSite will use to run the transaction: Firefox or Chrome. You may want to use a specific browser if your website is designed or optimized for that browser.

      Note: To measure page rendering time, select Firefox.
    • Click OK.

  5. You will be redirected to AlertSite Monitor Summary dashboard.

  6. To review or change other monitoring settings, click Edit Monitor and proceed from there. For a description of available settings, see Real-Browser Monitor (DéjàClick) Settings.

    Edit DéjàClick Monitor

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  7. The monitor will start collecting data shortly. You can see the run results on AlertSite dashboards.

    Monitor results in AlertSite

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