Creating a Test Cycle

This task offers an example of how to create a test cycle from the Cycles view and highlights important aspects of the creation process. You can also create test cycles from the Tests view. Learn how to work with Test Cycles.

  1. Click the Cycles view.

  2. In the Folders panel, click the folder where you want to create a new test cycle. If you want to create a new folder, click Create Folder, name the new folder, then click the check.

  3. With a folder selected, click New to create a new test cycle. The Create Test Cycle screen appears and defaults to the Details tab.

  4. On the Details tab, fill in the desired fields, including the name of the test cycle (required), then click the Test Cases tab.

  5. Click Add Test Cases.

  6. On the Add Existing Test Cases screen, select the test cases you want to add to the new test cycle, and then click Add. With test cases added to the new test cycle, you can drag and drop to reorder, delete, filter, and assign testers and environments. On the Test Cases tab, you can assign testers and target environments for each test case. On the Traceability tab, you can link Jira issues and/or Web URLs to the test cycle. On the History tab, you can track changes to the test cycle.

  7. Click Save. Your test cycle is created, and a notification appears on the screen. You can click Go to test player to start executing the test cases immediately.

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