Features Added to TestComplete 8.50

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to TestComplete 8.50. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

Web Testing Enhancements

  • Support for Adobe Flex 4.5. TestComplete version 8.50 introduces support for the new recent release of Adobe Flex 4.5. See Testing Flash and Flex Applications.

  • Access to Flex native methods. In addition to public native properties of objects in tested Flash, Flex and Flex-based AIR applications, you can now obtain scripting access to public native methods of objects by using the FlexObject property in your tests. This enhancement substantially expands the options for advanced setup and validation of your Flex tests.

  • Support for Adobe Spark DataGrid controls. TestComplete now supports correct capture and simulation of user actions on Spark DataGrid controls in Flex applications utilizing a new SparkDataGrid test object.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 support. Now you can create and run functional tests of web pages that are shown in the new version of the popular Microsoft browser.

  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 support. You can now perform functional testing of web pages and controls displayed in Mozilla Firefox 4.0.

  • Enhancements in support for Silverlight applications. Now Silverlight applications are supported out-of-the-box. There is no need to process them with the tcAgPatcher utility to enable the test engine to access the application’s internal objects, methods and properties. TestComplete processes the applications on-the-fly. For detailed information, see Testing Silverlight Applications.

    The tcAgPatcher utility is still available in the TestComplete package. It may be needed in some cases for manual processing of Silverlight applications (see Preparing In-Browser Silverlight Applications for Testing for details). Moreover, the performance of the utility has been significantly improved, and now it works much faster.

    Since version 8.50, TestComplete supports only Silverlight 4 applications. Silverlight 2 and 3 applications are no longer supported.

  • Support for Microsoft Silverlight controls. TestComplete 8.50 includes methods and properties that let you easily simulate user actions over the following Silverlight controls: AutoCompleteBox, RichTextBox, ScrollBar, ScrollViewer.

  • New EvaluateXPath function. A new EvaluateXPath function of the Page object enables simpler searches for web page elements by using the XPath syntax.

General Enhancements

  • Historical graphs of test performance. The Summary panel of the Project Log and Project Suite Log pages now includes a graph that shows statistics on the project or project suite run.

  • The Visualizer Frame window lets you navigate through captured frames. The Visualizer Frame window now includes navigation arrows ( and ) on the toolbar. These buttons let you switch from one visualizer frame to another without closing the window.

  • Reducing the size of exported results. TestComplete allows you to specify whether to save images captured by the Test Visualizer along with the exported test results. For this purpose, the Choose Storage Type and Location dialog includes a new option - Save visualizer images. Unchecking this option allows you to reduce the overall size of the exported results by excluding all the images from the test logs.

  • Improved Custom String data generator. The Custom String data generator now supports specifying regular expressions in the needed format for generated values. For more information on the syntax used for these expressions, see Tokens Understood by Custom String Data Generator.

Support for More .NET Controls

  • Support for Telerik WinForms controls. Version 8.50 includes special methods and properties that let you easily simulate user actions over Telerik WinForms controls of various types:

    • RadButton, RadCheckBox, RadRadioButton, RadToggleButton

    • RadDropDownButton, RadSplitButton

    • RadTextBox, RadMaskedEditBox, RadSpinEditor

    • RadComboBox, RadListBox, RadMultiColumnComboBox

    • RadDateTimePicker, RadCalendar

    • RadMenu, RadRibbonBar

    • RadTabStrip, RadPanelBar

    • RadTreeView, RadGridView

    • RadHScrollBar, RadTrackBar

  • More supported .NET controls. TestComplete 8.50 also provides special support for the following controls:

    • Microsoft LinkLabel (System.Windows.Forms.LinkLabel)

    • Developer Express NavBarControl (DevExpress.XtraNavBar.NavBarControl)

Usability Improvements

  • Notification about a checkpoint insertion. Formerly, when a user created a checkpoint during test recording, TestComplete inserted the checkpoint into the test and continued recording without any notifications. Now, TestComplete displays a message informing about checkpoint insertion.

  • The Create Property Checkpoint wizard has been improved to include a sample animated picture that explains how to select objects with the target glyph ().

  • The target glyph has been changed a little. Now it hides the dialog in which it is displayed right after you drag the glyph out of its icon area.

  • TestComplete includes a number of new error messages for playback of tests on remote computers via the Remote Desktop window. These messages help you better diagnose problems when they occur.

  • Earlier, users could switch to the TestComplete window during the test recording. Since many TestComplete panels and features are disabled during the recording, users were confused. Now, when a user tries to activate the minimized TestComplete window during the recording, there appears a message box asking you whether you want to stop or continue the recording. This helps novice users better understand what happens in the product and in the system.

  • Built-in functions, variables and constants available for all scripting languages are now supported by the BuiltIn plugin.

Network Suite Improvements

  • Enhancements in running network suites. Now, you can select whether TestComplete should automatically log onto remote computers or not when the network suite starts running. For this purpose, the Hosts editor includes a new column - Automatic logon. By selecting the check box in this column, you enable TestComplete to automatically open user sessions on remote computers. If the check box is clear, you will need to log on to remote computers yourself.

    You can also specify the Automatic Logon property for the needed host from tests by using the AutoLogon property of the Host object.

    For more information, see Opening User Sessions on Remote Computers.

  • The Action after run property of network suite tasks now has the Log off from computer option. By selecting this option, you can command TestComplete to log off from a slave computer after the task is finished.

Defect-Tracking Support

Discontinued Support

  • In TestComplete 8.50, we discontinue support for older versions of some tools, applications, and libraries. This will allow us to better concentrate our efforts on supporting the most current technologies for you. Below is a list of the tools, applications and frameworks that are no longer supported. If you use any of these technologies, we advise to you stay on the previous versions of TestComplete. For the current list of all supported technologies, see Supported Development Tools.

    • .NET Framework version 1.0 and 1.1.

    • Windows Mobile (PDA) applications.

    • Delphi 3.0-6.0 applications.

    • C++Builder 3.0-5.0 applications.

    • Mozilla Firefox ver 3.0.

    • Macromedia Flash ver. 1.0-8.0.

    • Adobe Flex SDK ver. 3.0-3.2.

    • Adobe AIR SDK ver. 1.0-1.5.

    • Microsoft Silverlight 2 and 3.

    • Sun JRE ver. 1.1-1.4.

    • Microsoft Java Virtual Machine build 3309.

    • JavaFX ver. 1.1. Support for JavaFX ver. 1.2-1.2.1 is still available.

    • Qt ver 4.4 - 4.5.

    • Sybase PowerBuilder ver. 10 and 11.

  • The Use short names when possible option has been deprecated in TestComplete 8.50. We do not recommend that you use it to affect the way the test engine names test objects.

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