Choose Storage Type and Location Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.46, last modified on December 01, 2022

You can export test results to HTML and MHT. To do that, right-click a test log and select Export to. The Choose Storage Type and Location dialog appears, where you can select the export format and options.

Choose Storage Type and Location Dialog

You can specify the following options:

  • Export results to - the export format:

    • HTML Files - HTML files with images, stylesheets, scripts and helper data files. Specify the Folder to save the files to. The main file is index.htm.

    • Multipart Hypertext Storage, or MHT - a web page archive (a web page with accompanying files packed into one file). Specify the File name of the MHT file to be created.

      Note: MHT files can be viewed only in Internet Explorer.
  • Open file (folder) after saving - If selected, TestComplete will automatically open the created MHT file or (when exporting to HTML) the folder containing the created files.

  • Include Visualizer images - If selected, the exported log will include Test Visualizer images. Note that these images take additional disk space.

Click OK to proceed or Cancel to cancel the export.

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