Introducing LoadComplete

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019
What Is LoadComplete?

LoadComplete is a load testing tool for creating and running automated load tests for web servers and services. It will help you check your web server’s performance under a massive load, determine its robustness and estimate its scalability.

Load testing consists in simulating a massive load (requests) on a web server. LoadComplete automates creating load tests by recording actions you perform over web pages and simulating these actions with dozens and hundreds of virtual users working simultaneously. Each virtual user simulates a recorded scenario, and the entire load test simulates a real-life massive load on the server.

LoadComplete produces detailed test results for generated traffic. You can also monitor various server metrics (like CPU usage) during the test run. See Server Monitoring.

LoadComplete supports all types of web servers and client web applications (browsers). See Supported Web Servers and Client Applications.

Quick Start for Novice Users

If you are new to the product, see the Getting Started Tutorial to familiarize yourself with the product’s features.

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Getting Started Tutorial

Create user scenarios

Recording User Scenarios                    

Create tests and simulate virtual users

Creating Tests

Parameterize requests

Parameterizing Requests

Extract data from server responses and pass it to subsequent requests

About Data Correlation

Check response data

Verifying Server Responses and About Validating Response Contents

View, analyze and work with test results

Analyzing Results

Set up a test procedure and perform typical load testing tasks

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