General Information

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This section provides a brief overview of the product, system requirements and supported applications and services.

In This Section

Introducing LoadComplete

Provides general information on LoadComplete.

Copyright Notice

Copyright notice.

What's New in LoadComplete 4.97

Describes new features introduced in LoadComplete version 4.

Version History

Describes features added to earlier versions of LoadComplete.

System Requirements

Lists LoadComplete system requirements.

Installing LoadComplete

Describes how to install LoadComplete and LoadComplete Remote Agent.

Supported Web Applications and Technologies

Describes web applications, servers and platforms LoadComplete supports.

Security Specification

Provides information on security-related aspects of testing with LoadComplete.

Migrating Projects to LoadComplete 4

Explains how you can open and use LoadUIWeb projects in LoadComplete.

Configuring Your System

Provides information on settings and permissions required to use LoadComplete.

How to Check for Available Updates

Describes how you can obtain product updates.

Technical Support

Provides information on the LoadComplete support.

More Information on LoadComplete

Lists the sources of additional information on LoadComplete.

Related Topics of Interest

Licensing LoadComplete

Provides information on LoadComplete and virtual user licensing.

LoadComplete Samples

Describes LoadComplete samples and applications they work with.

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