Supported Web Servers and Client Applications

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete records and reproduces HTTP(S) and WebSocket traffic. It depends neither on the web server type or platform, nor on the client web application.

Web Servers and Platforms

LoadComplete supports all web server types (IIS, Apache) and platforms (Windows, Linux/UNIX). That is, with LoadComplete, you can perform these kinds of testing for any web server working on any platform.

LoadComplete can run tests both in load-balanced and non-balanced environments.

Web Client Applications

LoadComplete supports all popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome or custom web application) working under the Windows operating system.

Supported Rich Internet Applications

LoadComplete can record and play back tests for Rich Internet Applications of any type, including Adobe Flash and Flex, Microsoft Silverlight and Ajax. For most popular data formats and protocols the web applications use, for example, AMF, SOAP, WebSocket and JSON, LoadComplete offers extended support which means that you can view the content of requests and parameterize them. See Supported Rich Internet Applications and Supported Protocols and Data Formats.

Supported JSP/Servlet Applications

LoadComplete can record and play back traffic for JSP/Servlet applications in the same way it records and plays back traffic for other supported web applications.

If your application uses the JSESSIONID cookie to maintain session identifiers, scenarios you record for your application can capture the identifier your server generates for each simulated virtual user and use these identifiers through the testing session.

By default, LoadComplete includes a correlation rule for the JSESSIONID cookie. When you command LoadComplete to correlate a scenario, it modifies the scenario to extract and re-use the session identifier. You can also create custom rules for managing session identifiers. See Data Correlation.

Supported HTML5 Applications

LoadComplete can record traffic for web applications that implement various HTML5 technologies and APIs, including the WebSocket protocol.

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