Applies to CucumberStudio 1.0, last modified on January 09, 2020

From the settings page you can manage the project settings like collaborators, integrations and preferences.

The Collaborators setting

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Collaborators Management

The Collaborators list

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To add a new member to your project, write their email address and click on Add user. This user has to be registered before, meaning that they already have a CucumberStudio account.

Once you have added a new user, you can:

  • Remove them from the project by clicking Unassign button
  • Change their role


Four possible roles can be assigned to a project member:

  • Administrator: they have access to all the project data.

  • Member: they have access to all the project data except project settings (thus cannot manage users). They cannot modify the project description.

  • Tester: they only have access to the manual execution features.

  • Reader: they can only read the project data but cannot edit it.

We plan to add custom roles in the future to enhance user management.


You can integrate CucumberStudio with many tools:

Secret Token

Secret token of your project is used when you want to extract data from CucumberStudio and access your project via API. The CucumberStudio publisher uses the secret token of your project to extract your tests and generate scripts for test automation frameworks.

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