Rework Defects

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

If there are any open defects by the time reviewers finish with the Inspection phase, the review will go to the Rework phase. During this phase, the author is the only active role; they have to fix defects and upload modified materials to the review. After that, they can send the review back to Inspection so that reviewers could check if defects are fixed and if new defects appeared. The review will go between the Inspection and Rework phases until there are no open defects left.

Check Out Defects

When a review is sent to Rework, the author receives an email notification inviting them to rework defects. To check out defects, select the review on the Action Items panel in the Collaborator Web Client, Eclipse Plug-in or Tray Notifier, or the Collaborator View in the Visual Studio Extension. This will open the Review Screen.

The defects are displayed in the following sections of the Review Screen: Defect Log, Chat (only Global defects) and Review Materials. Open defects are marked with a red bug icon ().

Selecting a defect in one of the sections will open it in the respective editor: Diff Viewer in Web Client, Code Viewer or Diff Viewer in Visual Studio Extension, or Compare Editor in Eclipse Plug-in. There, you will be able to see the defect description, check the place in the file that the defect applies to, and read comments left by other participants. Depending on the role configuration, you might be allowed to edit the defect, track it externally, mark it Fixed or even delete it.

Upload Reworked Materials

After you have reworked defects, you must upload the reworked materials to the review. The process of uploading materials is described here: Create Reviews.

The file name must not change after rework. Do not append anything like _v2 to the next revision of the file.

Return Review to Inspection

Once you have finished reworking materials and uploaded them to the review, you must move the review to the Inspection phase.

Click Inspect button in the header of the Review Screen.

Inspect button in header of Review Screen

Click Send to Inspection button in the Next Steps section of the Review Screen.

Next Steps section in Visual Studio Extension

Click Defect fixed; Proceed to Verification button in the Moving On section of the Review Screen.

Moving On section in Eclipse Plug-in

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