Working With the Event View Panel

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This topic describes how you can work with events displayed in the Event View panel:

Enabling and Disabling Event Tracing

To start or stop monitoring events, check (or uncheck) the Active item in the panel's context menu.

Copying Events Data To Clipboard

To copy selected events to the clipboard, choose Copy from the Edit menu or use the Ctrl-C command.

Adding Comments

To add a comment as an "event" into the event list, select Add Comment from the context menu and specify the desired text in the invoked dialog. To paste the contents of the clipboard to the event list, select Paste as Comment from the context menu. To edit the chosen custom comment, simply double-click it.

Filtering Events

To hide events that are of no importance to you, use the Filter panel at the bottom of the Event View panel. If the panel is hidden, select Filter Panel from the Event View panel's context menu.

  • To filter events by type, click Customize on the Filter panel. This will bring up the Message Filter dialog, in which you can exclude unnecessary event types by unchecking them. For the full list of event types, see Event View Panel Events List.
    Note: The filter is active only if the checkbox in the Filter panel is enabled. If you want to disable the filter temporarily, disable the checkbox.
  • To filter events in the Event View panel by the thread for which they were logged, select the desired thread in the Thread drop-down list box that is displayed within the Filter panel. All Threads means that Event View will display events for all threads while Null Thread stands for events whose Thread ID is empty.

Searching Text Within the Panel

To search for text in the Event column, either select Find and Find Next from the Edit menu (this will call the Find dialog that is used for searching) or simply focus the column and type the desired text. For more information, see Searching Results.

Customizing Event Displaying

To specify the font color for each type of event displayed, use the Message Colors dialog which is called by selecting Message Colors from the context menu.

Exporting Events to a File

To export selected events or all events in the panel to an HTML, XML or TXT file, choose Save Selection or Save All from the context menu. To select several events, use the Ctrl and Shift keys (see Selecting Several Records in a Panel).

Enabling Automatic Exporting to a File

To enable logging of events and messages to an external XML or TXT file, or to the Windows NT Event log, select the corresponding options in the Event View Panel Options dialog or call the IntegrationManager.SetActiveOutput method when connected to AQTime via COM.

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