Event View Panel Context Menu

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Event View panel's context menu provides commands for working with events traced during profiling sessions. The available commands include:

Active Enables or disables event tracing during the profiling.
Clear Clears the panel
Expand All Expands all items in the Event View panel.
Collapse All Collapses all items in the Event View panel.
Auto Width Allows all columns to be squeezed into view.
Add Comment Displays the Add Comment dialog where you can specify the text to be added as a note into the Event View panel. For more information, see Adding Custom Messages to the Event View Panel.
Paste as Comment Pastes the clipboard contents as a note to the Event View panel.
Save All Saves all rows to an HTML, XML or TXT file.
Save Selection Saves the selected row(s) to an HTML, XML or TXT file.
Filter Panel Shows or hides the Filter panel where you can apply filters to the Event View contents.
Message Colors Calls the Message Colors dialog that allows you to mark events with different colors.
Add Module to Project Adds the module from the event to the Modules list in the Setup panel.
Options Calls the Event View Panel Options dialog that allows you to customize the Event View panel's settings.

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