Running a Profiling Session - Messages

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This section describes messages that may appear when running a profiling session.

In This Section

Action is not available in the current context

Cannot attach to the selected process

Cannot clear results because the Check memory bounds setting is enabled

Cannot find service...

Cannot open Service Control Manager...

Cannot open service...

Cannot profile a 64-bit application under a 32-bit version of the operating system

Cannot start profiling in Normal mode

Cannot start profiling in Service mode

Cannot start profiling, since there is another application which is being profiled

Cannot start profiling. The module module_name not found

Cannot start profiling. The profiled module cannot be loaded to an x86 (x64) process

Cannot start profiling

Could not find any routines to profile

DBGHELP.DLL not found

Debug information structure is invalid

Invalid Process ID

Please enter the host application name

Some AQTime subsystems do not support this process... CLR is already initialized...

The DBGHELP.DLL version is incorrect

The initial status of new threads is Off...

The main module in the project is not a .NET executable

The requested operation requires elevation

The required service has not started. Unable to perform the requested action

The selected process is not supported...

There are no elements to profile

Unable to attach to process under another user session in Windows Server 2003

Message - 'Unable to log in under the specified user account. AQTime must have the ... privileges. '

Unknown binary format of the module

You are running AQTime in session...

You can attach to a process in Normal profiling mode only

You selected a counter other than Elapsed Time. If you have not enabled...

Your processor supports the SpeedStep technology...

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