Running a Profiling Session

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This section describes how to start and stop profiling in AQTime, control the profiling process and the collection of profiling information. Before you start profiling, make sure you have defined the application modules you want to profile in your AQTime project and selected the needed profiler. For more information, see Setting Up an AQTime Project, Selecting Applications and Modules to Profile and Selecting the Profiler.

Optimizing the Profiling Process

Provides considerations and tips for profiling applications.

Starting and Stopping Profiling

Explains how to start and stop profiling.

Setting Profiler Options Before the Run

Describes how to tune profiler options just before the profiler run.

Attaching to Process

Explains how you can start profiling an application that is already running by attaching AQTime to its process.

Pausing and Resuming Profiling

Explains how to suspend and resume the profiling session.

Enabling and Disabling Profiling

Explains how you can temporarily disable and enable the collection of profiling information during the profiling session.

Collecting Results During Profiling

Explains how you can capture profiling results during the profiling session.

Controlling Profiling From Application Code

Explains how you can control profiling activities directly from your application’s code via AQTime's profiling API.

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