Message - 'The initial status of new threads is Off...'

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This message is shown when you start profiling. AQTime displays it to inform you that the specified profiling settings are meaningless.

If you use triggers, and the Initial Status for New Threads is off, and neither on-triggers, nor on-actions are checked, then the profiling may be off during the whole run and no results may be generated. We say "may" because you could add special function calls to your application that will enable and disable profiling during the application execution (see Controlling Profiling From Application Code). In this case, starting the profiling makes sense.

So, if you are going to controlling profiling from your application’s code, then press Yes to start profiling.

If you are not going to control AQTime from your code, then press No and change at least one of the above-mentioned conditions. Remember that areas, triggers, actions, the Enable/Disable Profiling button and other functionalities, all work on a veto basis - profiling only occurs when all settings are turned on for the current conditions.

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