Trace References Between Objects

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

To trace references between objects in your application, use the Allocation profiler:

  1. Profile your application with the Allocation profiler and get results.

  2. In the Explorer panel, select the desired thread in the Objects category.

  3. Examine the Report panel that lists class instances (that is, objects) that existed at the moment the profiling results were being generated. Object identifiers are displayed in the Object Name column.

  4. View the number of objects to which the selected object refers and the number of objects that refer to the object itself in the References To and Referenced By columns.

  5. Select the desired object in the Report panel and view the list of objects that are referred by the selected object and the list of objects that refer to the selected object in the References To and References From panes of the Details panel.

  6. Explore the references between the objects in the Call Tree or Call Graph panels.

Note: The Allocation profiler traces references to managed objects only. The described approach cannot be used for unmanaged (native) applications.

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