Running AQTime Projects as Part of Build And Release Pipeline

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

You can include AQTime projects into Visual Studio test projects and run them as part of your team builds and releases. After Team Foundation builds the application, it will run your AQTime project to perform the profiling.

You can also publish AQTime projects’ results, create working items for them in the working item database and generate reports for the items.

The following topics describe how to perform these operations.

In This Section

Running AQTime Projects as Part of Build And Release Pipeline - Requirements

Provides information about the requirements that should be met to create and run team builds.

1. Configuring Visual Studio Test Projects to Run AQTime Projects

Describes how to prepare an AQTime project for integration, create a test project and add the AQTime project to it.

2. Creating and Configuring Team Builds

Describes how to create a team build that will use AQTime projects.

3. Running Builds

Describes how to run team builds.

4. Viewing Test Results

Describes how to view AQTime test results.

5. Creating and Deploying Reports

Describes how to create a test result report.

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