Creating Actions Tutorial

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

Using the TestComplete script extensions technology, you can easily add new items to the Recording or Tools toolbars. These items can perform various tasks. For instance, they can bring the tested application to an initial state or assist a tester in creating checkpoints.

The following topics describe the step-by-step procedures for creating custom record-time and design-time actions using the script extension technology:

The code created in tutorials are part of the AQAScriptExtensions.tcx file that is distributed with TestComplete. You can find it in the <TestComplete>\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions folder. The AQAScriptExtensions package contains several extensions. The following files relate to our tutorial:

  • clcCode.js - Script unit.
  • clc-icon.bmp - The image of toolbar items.
  • ctcForm.aqfrm - The form that is displayed by the extension’s code.
  • description.xml - Describes the extension.

We will also use the AQAScriptExtensions.chm file that is located in the <TestComplete>\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions folder.


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