Script Extensions

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Script extensions are a simple and powerful technology for creating TestComplete plugins. The word “script” means to create plugins (or extensions) and developers use scripting languages such as JScript or VBScript rather than programming languages like Visual C++ or Delphi.

The following topics provide detailed information about this technology.

In This Section

Script Extensions - Overview

Provides an overview of the script extension technology.

Pre-Installed Script Extensions

Describes the script extensions that are installed along with TestComplete.

Installing and Uninstalling Script Extensions

Explains how you can install, enable, disable and uninstall script extensions in TestComplete.

Creating Script Extensions

Describes the process of creating a script extension and various aspects of writing code of custom actions, keyword test operations and scripting objects.

Debugging Script Extensions

Explains key points of script extension debugging.

Deploying Script Extensions

Explains how to package script extension components into a single file.

Publishing Script Extensions to Web

Explains how to create a web page that includes your script extension.

Script Extension Files

Provide information about files that are included into the script extension package.

Script Extensions Tutorials

Contains tutorials that explain how to create custom record-time and design-time actions, keyword test operations and scripting objects.

Objects Available to Script Extensions

Provides information about TestComplete global scripting objects available to script extensions.

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