Running Tests

Applies to TestComplete 14.74, last modified on March 04, 2021

You can run automated tests:

You can run:

  • the entire project or project suite (that is, all test items),

  • a specific test or test item,

  • a group of tests.

In This Section

Running, Rerunning, Pausing, and Stopping Automated Tests

Explains how to run, pause and stop automated tests, and describes test run specifics.

Stopping Tests on Timeout

Explains how to set a timeout for automated tests.

Handling Playback Errors

Explains how to resolve typical issues that may occur during the test run.

Scheduling Automated Tests

Explains how you can schedule automated tests to run daily, nightly or weekly.

Creating Batch Test Runs

Explains how to specify the run order for automated tests.

Getting Current Test Name

Explains how to get the name of the currently running test.

Self-Healing Tests

Explains how tests can “heal” themselves during the run.

Running Tests via Remote Desktop

Explains how to run automated tests on remote computers using the Remote Desktop.

Running Tests on Locked Computers

Describes the ways to run automated tests on locked computers.

Shutting Down and Restarting Computer After Test Run

Explains how to automatically shut down or restart the computer after the test run.

Rebooting the Computer During Automated Testing

Describes how to reboot a computer from TestComplete and continue the test run after the reboot.

Using TestComplete Indicator

Explains how to change text in the TestComplete indicator and hide the indicator during test runs.

Controlling Test Execution Flow

Describes how to control the test execution flow in case of an error.

Running Tests - Tips

How-Tos and tips on running TestComplete tests.

Running Tests - Specifics

Describes test run specifics.

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Integration With Azure DevOps and Team Foundation Server via TestComplete Test Adapter

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Running Visual Studio Unit Tests From TestComplete

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Running TestComplete Tests From MSBuild Projects

Explains how to run TestComplete projects from MSBuild projects.

Running Tested Applications

Before performing any testing actions, you need to launch the tested applications. This topic explains how you can do this.

Running Low-Level Procedures

Explains how to run low-level procedures.

Executing Manual Tests

Explains how to start and control manual tests.

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