Testing With TestComplete

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

This section contains information on creating, debugging and running tests, addressing tested objects, performing verification, handling errors and other operations you perform when developing and running tests.

In This Section

Creating Tests

Provides information on creating and recording tests with TestComplete.

Running Tests

Contains information on running tests in TestComplete.

Test Results

Describes how TestComplete collects test results. Explains how to post messages to the test log, and how to work with results after the test run is over: how to archive or export them, or how to send them via e-mail.

Object Identification

Explains how TestComplete identifies and names application objects.

Debugging Tests

Provides information on debugging in TestComplete.


Contains information about performing comparison actions during testing and about storing data to be used in comparisons.

Data-Driven Testing

Provides information on data-driven testing and describes how to can perform it with TestComplete.

Parameterizing Tests

Provides information on using parameters in tests.

Using Variables

Contains information on using variables in TestComplete tests.

Exploring Applications

Contains information on the TestComplete Object Browser panel, which provides useful information about existing processes and windows and allows you to explore properties, fields, methods and events of your application.

About Test Visualizer

Provides information on the Test Visualizer subsystem that captures images for user actions during the test recording and playback.

VideoRecorder Extension

Describes a script extension that you use to record videos for automated test runs.

Managing Tested Applications

Provides information on managing and running applications to be tested with TestComplete.

Advanced Tasks

Provides information about various TestComplete features that help you enhance your tests (how to handle events, how to work with ActiveX objects, files and databases, and so on).

Capturing Images When the Aero UI Theme Is Active

Describes the specifics of testing in various environments.

Deprecated Features

Describes deprecated TestComplete features.

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