Update Name Mapping Wizard

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

If your tested application has changed, you may need to update the object identification properties in the Name Mapping repository. You can do this using the Update Name Mapping wizard.

TestComplete shows the wizard:

  • When you double-click an object in the Name Mapping repository and TestComplete cannot identify this object in the application.

  • When you are verifying your Name Mapping repository and click Update for an object whose mapping criteria verification failed.

  • During the test run, if TestComplete cannot identify a mapped object, and the Engines > Name Mapping > Update Name Mapping during test run option is enabled.

The wizard contains the following pages:

Page Not Found

On this page, you can select a web page to which you want the mapped object to correspond.

Select Object

On this page, you can select an object you want a mapped object to correspond to.

Update Mapping Settings

On this page, you can update identification properties that TestComplete uses to identify the mapped object.

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