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Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

This section describes how to work with the Name Mapping repository in your project.

In This Section

Access Objects by Aliases

Describes how to access mapped objects from tests by their aliases.

View Code Completion Information

Describes how to access properties and methods of mapped objects when editing tests.

Resolve Name Collisions

Describes how to call object properties and methods if their names coincide with the names of the object’s mapped children.

Refresh Name Mapping Cache

Describes how to refresh cached mapped objects.

Rename Objects in the Name Mapping Repository

Describes how you can change aliases and mapped names.

Copy Mapped Objects

Describes how to copy mapped objects.

Search and Replace in the Name Mapping Repository

Explains how you can quickly find and replace mapped object names, aliases, identification property names and property values.

Locate Mapped Objects

Describes how to locate and identify mapped objects in your application as well as find mapped names and aliases for application objects.

Merge Name Mapping Files

Describes how to import mapped object names and aliases defined in an external name mapping file into your current test project.

Update Name Mapping

Describes how to update object identification criteria.

Restore Missing Identification Properties

Describes how TestComplete automatically restores incomplete Name Mapping data.

Add Aliases

Describes how to add aliases for mapped objects manually.

Add a Description for Mapped Objects

Describes how to add a description for a mapped object.

Store Images

Describes how to configure TestComplete to store images of mapped objects.

Delete Objects From the Name Mapping Repository

Describes how to delete aliases for objects and mapped objects from the Name Mapping repository.

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