Locate Mapped Objects

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

When a Name Mapping repository is large and contains hundreds and thousands of objects, it may be difficult to understand which objects these are. To help you identify mapped objects, TestComplete lets you highlight the needed objects in your tested application, quickly view mapping criteria for application objects selected on the screen, view images of mapped objects and so on.

In This Section

Highlight Mapped Objects on Screen

Explains how you can highlight mapped objects in your tested application.

Find Mapped Objects for the Corresponding Objects on Screen

Explains how you can find an object’s mapped name by selecting the object in the application.

Jump to Mapped Objects From Object Browser

Explains how you can jump to a mapped object in the Name Mapping editor corresponding to an object selected in the Object Browser.

View Images of Mapped Objects

Explains how you can capture images of mapped objects.

Find Mapped Objects by Aliases

Explains how to find an object’s initial mapped name quickly by its alias.

Related Topics of Interest

Search and Replace in the Name Mapping Repository

Explains how you can quickly find and replace mapped object names, aliases, identification property names and property values.

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