Advanced Tasks

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

TestComplete includes a number of features that simplify creating tests and help you improve them. This section provides detailed information on these features.

In This Section

Testing Applications in Low-Level Mode

Describes how to test applications in low-level mode.

Handling Events

Explains how to handle events that occur during the test run.

Using External Functions

Provides information on using external functions in tests.

User Forms

Explains how to create custom forms with TestComplete and use them in your tests.

Monitoring Tested Application Performance

Describes how you can monitor performance of the tested server with TestComplete.

Tracing Exceptions, Crashes and Freezes in Tested Applications

Describes how you can trace exceptions, freezes and events that occur in tested applications.

Connected Applications

Contains information about Connected Applications (applications that use TestComplete to test other applications).

Self-Testing Applications

Contains information about Self-Testing Applications (applications that use TestComplete to test themselves).

TestComplete Unit Tests

Describes how to prepare an application for unit testing and how to configure these tests in TestComplete.

Running Tests on Multiple Operating Systems

Provides information on running tests on multiple operating systems.

Measuring Test Run Time

Provides information on how to use time counters in your tests to measure your test run time and performance.

Using Environment Variables in Automated Tests

Explains how to get environment variable values in tests.

Working With Passwords and Other Sensitive Data

Provides information on working with sensitive information (such as passwords) in your tests.

Sending and Receiving HTTP Requests

Provides information on sending HTTP requests from your tests and handling the responses.

Related Topics of Interest

Using Variables

Contains information on using variables in TestComplete.

Parameterizing Tests

Provides information on using parameters in TestComplete.

Avoiding Computer-Specific Settings

Provides information on computer-specific settings and values that may cause problems in tests run on different workstations.

Enhancing TestComplete Performance

Provides information on ways to improve the testing speed.
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