Test Visualizer

Applies to TestComplete 14.74, last modified on March 04, 2021

Test Visualizer takes screenshots of user actions during test recording and playback. These images (or frames) help you better understand which actions test commands do, and find the differences between the expected and observed application behavior and state.

In This Section

Test Visualizer -- Overview

Describes the Test Visualizer subsystem and explains how you can use it.

About Test Visualizer Panel

Describes the Test Visualizer panel that shows the images captured during test recording.

Enabling and Disabling Test Visualizer

Explains how to turn Test Visualizer on and off and change the amount of saved data.

Visualizer Frame Window

Describes the Visualizer Frame window that is used to explore captured images.

Comparing Recorded and Playback Images

Explains how you can compare images that were captured during test recording with images captured during test playback.

Working With Visualizer Frames

Explains how you can work with individual images (frames) in the Test Visualizer panel.

Updating Visualizer Frames

Describes how to modify images in the Test Visualizer panel.

Sharing Visualizer Frames

Describes how Test Visualizer frames can be shared.

Creating Test Commands From Visualizer Frames

Explains how to create test commands from images (frames) in the Test Visualizer panel.

Test Visualizer - Tips

Describes some tips of using Test Visualizer.

Related Materials

VideoRecorder Extension

A script extension that enables you to record videos for automated test runs. This is a possible alternative to Test Visualizer.
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