Data-Driven Testing

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

Data-driven testing means running automated tests that simulate user actions over an application with different input data. This way you provide larger coverage and ensure that the application works properly with different data  rather than with just one set of values.

Topics of this section describe TestComplete features that provide support for data-driven testing and explain how to create tests of this kind with TestComplete:

Data-Driven Testing - Basic Concepts

Explains the concepts of data-driven tests and describes the basic sequence of test actions.

Preparing Data for the Data-Driven Testing

Explains the ways you can prepare the desired test data using TestComplete.

Using Scripts for Data-Driven Testing

Explains how to create test scripts that will perform data-driven testing.

Using Keyword Tests for Data-Driven Testing

Explains how to create keyword tests that will perform data-driven testing.

Using DDT Drivers

Describes how to use TestComplete scripting objects for data-driven testing.

Organizing Data Storages

Contains general recommendations on creating data storages for data-driven tests.

Using Excel Files as Data Storages

Describes specifics of retrieving data from Excel worksheets.

Using CSV Files as Data Storages

Describes specifics of retrieving data from file that store comma-separated  values.

Using Database Tables as Data Storages

Describes specifics of retrieving data from database tables.

Data-Driven Testing - Retrieving Input Data from Storage

Describes how you can retrieve test data from various storages and then use the data in your tests (keyword tests and scripts).

Using Data Generators

Describes how you can automatically generate test data and save it to either the needed TestComplete table or list variable, or an Excel file. There is also information on generators that are available in TestComplete and can be used to populate these storages with randomly generated data.


TestComplete help file includes two tutorials that demonstrate how to create data-driven tests with TestComplete:

Related Materials

You can explore the following script example to learn how to use an Excel file as a data source for your test and how to extract data from the Excel file:

Using DB Table Variables to Retrieve Data From Excel Files

To learn more about data-driven testing, you can also read the following article:

To view this file you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.


You can use a sample project that illustrates data-driven testing. To do this, download the TestComplete Samples installation package from the following page of our website and run it:

After the installation, you can find the sample in the following folder:


<TestComplete Samples>\Common\Data-Driven Testing\TestBook.xlsx

TestComplete project suites:

<TestComplete Samples>\Common\Data-Driven Testing\Scripts

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