Exploring Applications

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

You can use the Object Browser and Object Spy to explore applications running on the computer and on the connected mobile devices. This is a great way to learn what objects, properties and methods you can use in automated tests.

In This Section

About Exploring Applications

Learn about TestComplete tools for exploring applications — Object Browser and Object Spy.

Object Browser

Contains detailed information on the Object Browser tool.

Object Spy

Describes how to work with Object Spy.

Exploring an Application’s Graphical User Interface

Learn how to view the hierarchy of UI elements in your tested application.

Viewing COM Object Properties, Methods and Events

Learn how to view properties, methods and events of any COM object registered on the computer.

Categories of Object Methods and Properties

Contains information about categories of object methods and properties displayed in the Object Browser.

Selecting Objects: 'Drag the Target...' Mode

Describes how to visually select objects in the tested application by using the Finder Tool.

Selecting Objects: 'Point and Fix' Mode

Describes how to visually select objects on screen with the mouse pointer.

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