Applies to TestComplete 14.40, last modified on June 16, 2020

The Object Browser panel’s context menu provides commands to manage objects in the object hierarchy and their properties and methods.

The available commands are:

Item Description
Refresh Refreshes the tree of processes and the list of properties, methods, actions, fields or events currently displayed in the Object Browser.
Map Object Calls the Object Name Mapping dialog to specify name mapping for the selected object. For more information on this, see Name Mapping.
Map Child Objects Calls the Select Objects to Map dialog to specify child objects to be mapped. For more information on this, see Name Mapping.
Show Object in Name Mapping Editor Calls the Name Mapping editor for the selected object.
Store Object Calls the Store Object Properties dialog to specify the collection of the object’s properties to be stored in the Stores > Objects collection.
Highlight on Screen Displays a flashing rectangle around the selected window or control (controls in mobile applications are highlighted in the Mobile Screen window).
View Object Opens the Image Viewer window displaying a picture of the selected window or control.
Add Process to TestedApps (For Windows processes only) Adds the selected process to the TestedApps collection.
Terminate Process (For Windows processes only) Terminates the selected process.
Copy Copies the name of the selected object, property, method, field or event or the selected property or field value to the clipboard.
Panel Options Calls the Object Browser Options Dialog that allows customizing settings that affect the Object Browser and Object Spy panels.

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