Testing Android Applications (Legacy)

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 25, 2024
The information below concerns legacy mobile tests that work with mobile devices connected to the local computer. For new mobile tests, we recommend using the newer cloud-compatible approach.

TestComplete supports testing mobile applications built for running on the Android operating system. Testing these applications differs from testing desktop and Web applications. Topics of this section provide complete information about this.

In This Section

About Testing Android Applications (Legacy)

Describes basic principles of testing Android applications with TestComplete.

About TestComplete Android Agent (Legacy)

Contains basic information about the Android Agent.

About TestComplete Android Agent Keyboard (Legacy)

Describes how to install and enable the TestComplete Android Agent keyboard.

Preparing for Testing Android Applications (Legacy)

Explains how to prepare the computer where TestComplete is installed, the Android device and the mobile application for testing.

Testing Android Open Applications (Legacy)

Provides complete information on testing applications that were prepared for TestComplete.

Recording Android Tests (Legacy)

Explains how to record tests for white-box Android applications.

Recording Specifics (Legacy)

Describes the specifics of recording tests for Android applications.

Working With Tested Android Applications (Legacy)

Explains how to add Android packages to the list of tested applications of your project and how to install and run the packages on a device.

Simulating User Actions Over Android Devices (Legacy)

Explains how to simulate various user actions like touches, swipes and so on over your Android devices.

Simulating Gestures (Multi-Touch Events) (Legacy)

Explains how to record and simulate multi-touch events.

Image-Based Testing in Android Applications (Legacy)

Explains how to create image-based tests for testing black-box Android applications.

Possible Issues With Android Applications (Legacy)

Provides information about possible issues when testing Android applications.

Related Topics of Interest

Working With Android Controls

Provides detailed information on how to perform specific actions on Android controls.

Recording Automated Tests

Contains basic information on recording in TestComplete.

Running Tests

Contains general information on running tests in TestComplete.

Geolocation Testing and Sensors

Describes how to work with data of GPS and other sensors in your tests.

About Script Tests

Contains general information on writing scripts and on supported scripting languages.

Testing Hybrid Mobile Applications

Explains how you can test Android applications containing Android WebView controls.


TestComplete includes a sample test project that illustrates testing of Android applications:

<TestComplete Samples>\Mobile\Android\Orders\TCProjects

Note: If you do not have the sample, download the TestComplete Samples installation package from the support.smartbear.com/testcomplete/downloads/samples page of our website and run it.

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