Applies to TestComplete 14.40, last modified on June 16, 2020

The Checkpoint wizard helps you create checkpoints in your tests.

To call the wizard, do any of the following:

– or –

  • Click Add Checkpoint on the Code Editor toolbar.

– or –

  • Add the Checkpoint Wizard keyword test operation to your keyword test.

Select the type of data you want to check:

  • Object property - To verify object properties or use optical character recognition to verify the text contents of a screen area.

  • Image - To verify an image of an object or screen area.

  • File - To verify an XML, PDF, or an arbitrary file.

  • Database - To verify data stored in a database table.

  • Web page - To run specified audits against a web page.

  • Web service - To verify data returned by a web service method.

  • Table - To verify tabular data.

Depending on the type of data you are going to check, the wizard will show you the appropriate instructions.

Note: The Checkpoint wizard only works with checkpoints that are built into TestComplete. It does not work with checkpoints that are implemented by script extensions.

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