Stores Options Dialog

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The options in this dialog affect comparison operations performed by TestComplete program objects. To call the Stores Options dialog, select Tools | Options from the main menu and then select Engines | Stores from the tree displayed on the left side of the resulting Options dialog.

You can change the following options --

  • Files diff utility - The options of this group apply to file checkpoints and PDF checkpoints, to the Compare Files, File Checkpoint, and PDF Checkpoint operations, and to the Files.Compare, File.Check and File.CheckPDFText methods.

    These are launching options for the utility that TestComplete will use to detect and show the difference between the baseline and actual files when comparing PDF files or arbitrary files. Examples are WinDiff and Araxis Merge.

    • Active - If this option is enabled, TestComplete uses the utility.

    • Diff name - The utility name (with path unless registered).

    • Command line - Command-line arguments are passed to the utility upon calling it. Default: "%s %s". %s is a macro for any file name. Double %s means that TestComplete passes the two file names passed as parameters to compare methods, in the same order.

    • Wait until diff closes - If this option is enabled, TestComplete pauses the test execution until the Diff utility terminates.

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