Modifying WebTesting Elements

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 25, 2024

The Stores > WebTesting collection contains the Web Accessibility and Web Comparison elements, which are used to check the web page accessibility and compare a web page against a stored one.

You can view and modify Web Accessibility and Web Comparison project elements using the Web Accessibility Element and Web Comparison Element editors.

Modifying Web Accessibility Elements

The Web Accessibility Element editor lets you view and adjust settings that specify which checks will be performed by the web accessibility checkpoint. For instance, you can specify whether or not TestComplete should check that all IMG elements of the tested web page contain the ALT, WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes or check that all links on the page are valid. For more information on available settings, see Web Accessibility Element Editor Contents.

Modifying Web Comparison Elements

In the Web Comparison Element editor, you can see and modify the baseline copy of the tested web page and specify how the web comparison checkpoint will compare web pages. You can modify the HTML source of the stored web page directly in the editor. To change the tested page, drag the glyph on the right of the Source page box to the desired page. When the red frame appears around the page or any of its element, release the mouse button. TestComplete will update the path to the Page object and load the HTML source of the selected page.

To specify which web page elements should be compared, use options on the right side of the editor; for more information on them, see Web Comparison Element Editor Contents.

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