TestComplete Licensing

Applies to TestComplete 15.48, last modified on January 31, 2023

To use TestComplete, you need a trial or commercial license for one or more of TestComplete modules: Desktop, Web, or Mobile.

TestComplete 15.48 uses licenses of two types:

  • SmartBear ID-based — A new license type that doesn’t use license keys but requires a user to specify their SmartBear account to run the product.

  • Key-based — A legacy license type that implies using a license key from SmartBear. You enter that key on your computer to activate the license, or you consume the license from the license server that is running in your network and that is licensed with this key.

Which license type do I have?

SmartBear has offered SmartBear ID-based licenses to some users as an early-access feature since June 2021 (TestComplete 14.92). Since April 2022, this new license type has become the primary type of TestComplete licenses. So, if you got your license in April 2022 or later (TestComplete 15.40 or later), then most probably, you have a SmartBear ID-based license.


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