Activate TestComplete Licenses

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

To use TestComplete, you have to activate it. You can have one or multiple licenses for TestComplete modules: Desktop, Web, or Mobile. These can be licenses of the ID-based or key-based types (for information on differences between them, see TestComplete Licensing).

Regardless of the license type you have, to activate TestComplete, start it. TestComplete will search for the license info on your computer, and if it doesn’t find it, it will suggest activating the product. The dialogs it displays and your actions to perform depend on the license type you have:

Dialog box Description
The Login dialog

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TestComplete asks you to enter your SmartBear account credentials. That is, it expects you to have an ID-based license, and that this license is assigned to you on the SmartBear License Management. For information on activation steps, see Activate and Use TestComplete (ID-based license).

The message box 'Failed to connect to license servers'.

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TestComplete expects you to have an ID-based license, but your computer has no access to the SmartBear license servers. In this case, you can try converting your license to an offline one and then activate it. See Licensing in Private Networks.

The message box 'Unable to find an active license'.

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Your TestComplete instance uses the key-based licensing and expects you to enter your license key. See Activating Licenses.

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