Creating Keyword Tests - Common Tasks

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024

While testing an application, you may need to obtain data stored in its controls and objects, perform various actions over these controls and objects, check the state of certain objects and controls and so on. Topics of this section describe the approaches that you can use to perform basic testing operations from your keyword tests.

Operations That Are Specific for Keyword Tests

Common Tasks for Keyword Test Operations

Describes which operation you can use to perform common tasks like starting a tested application, simulating mouse clicks, posting a message or window to the test log and so on.

Specifying Operation Parameters

Describes how you can assign values to parameter of keyword test operations.

Calling Object Methods

Describes how to call objects methods and actions from keyword tests.

Calling Methods and Properties of "Internal" Objects

Explains how you can works with objects that belong to a window or control, but not displayed in the Object Browser as a child object (for instance, menus, scroll bars and so on).

Checking Operation Result

Describes how to obtain and check the result of an operation in keyword tests.

Checking Conditions

Explains how to check various conditions in keyword tests.

Specifying Custom Timeouts For Operations

Describes how to specify object waiting time for keyword test operations.

Getting and Setting Object Property Values

Describes how you can obtain the value of a certain object property from a keyword test.

Iterating Through Items Collection

Explains how to work with item collections in keyword tests.

Organizing Loops

Contains information on how to perform operations repetitively in keyword tests.

Creating Data-Driven Loops

Explains how to create data-driven loops in keyword tests.

Working With Images

Describes how to get images and post them to the test log from keyword tests.

Enabling and Disabling Operations

Explains how you can temporarily exclude operations from the test execution order and include them again later.

Operations Common for Scripts and Keyword Tests

While the above-mentioned topics describe how to perform basic operations from keyword tests, the following topics describes common approaches that you can use to perform certain operations from keyword tests and scripts:

Simulating User Actions

Contains information on how to simulate user actions in your tests.

Checking Object State

Describes how to check the current state of an application's objects.

Waiting for Object State Changes

Contains information on how to simulate user actions in your tests.

Checking Whether an Object Exists

Describes how to check whether an application's objects exist in the system.

Searching for an Object

Explains how to search for application objects.

Waiting for an Object, Process or Window Activation

Contains information on how to simulate user actions in your tests.

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