Applies to TestComplete 14.30, last modified on November 21, 2019

The Hybrid model of web object identification combines the Tree and DOM models.

The Hybrid model is not supported in Chrome and Edge browsers. If you are going to create cross-browser tests, use the Tree model instead.

In this model, the Page test object contains web test objects provided by both the Tree and DOM models.

Hybrid model

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The purpose of the Hybrid model is to help you maintain legacy tests created using the DOM model while developing new tests using the now-recommended Tree model. When this model is used, new tests are recorded using the Tree model identification, however the existing tests can be run using both the Tree and DOM identification models.

Refer to the Tree Model and DOM Model topics for details on web object identification in these object models. For the general principles of web object identification, see About Web Object Identification and Object Models.


The Hybrid model is obsolete and is not fully supported for cross-browser web testing. It is recommended to use the Tree model instead of it.

To avoid a warning when using the Hybrid model with existing legacy tests, you need to enable the Use legacy testing features option in Tools | Current Project Properties | Open Applications | Web Testing.

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