Managing Projects and Project Items

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Topics of this section provide information on LoadComplete projects, project items and files and describe how you can manage the project contents.

In This Section

About Test Projects

Explains the concept of LoadComplete projects and describes their contents.

Creating Test Projects

Explains how to create a new test project.

Opening Test Projects

Describes how to open existing test projects and recently used projects.

Editing Project Items

Describes how to open the editors of project items.

Renaming Projects and Project Items

Describes how to rename test projects, tests and scenarios.

Deleting Projects and Project Items

Explains how to delete items from projects and how to delete the whole project.

Organizing Items Into Folders

Explains how you can organize project elements (scenarios, tests and test results) into folders.

Project Files

Provides information about file extensions used by LoadComplete.

About Project Explorer

Describes the Project Explorer panel that displays the contents of test projects and lets you manage project elements.

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Sharing Projects Among Several Testers

Explains how multiple users can work on the same project.

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