Creating Test Projects

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Before you create tests, you need to create a project that will store those tests, associated resources and test results.

The Create New Project wizard assists you in creating test projects. In the wizard, you specify the project name and can enable performance monitoring for your tested web server (you can also configure the monitoring later).

To call the wizard
  • Select File | New | New Project from LoadComplete’s main menu.

– or –

  • Click New Project on the Standard toolbar.

– or –

  • When no project is currently open in LoadComplete, right-click somewhere within the Project Explorer and select New Project from the context menu.

– or –

  • Start recording a scenario when no project is opened. (Before recording a scenario, LoadComplete will prompt you to create a project to store the scenario in).

– or –

To create a new project

Follow the wizard instructions:

Project Name and Location (the first page)

On this page, you specify the project name and location.

Enable Server Monitoring

On this page, you can enable the performance monitoring.

Click Finish to complete the project creation.

LoadComplete will create the project and show it in the Project Explorer.

Note: You can change the project name later, if needed. You can also move it to another location using Windows Explorer or some other file manager.

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