Sharing Projects Among Several Testers

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Sharing test projects among QA team members is very efficient since several QA engineers can create and perform a greater number of tests in a shorter period of time. Of course, their joint work is to be coordinated. For example, all testers working on certain projects must be able to work with the same project at the same time and make changes independently of each other.


In order for your QA team to be able to work on a common LoadComplete project, the following requirements must be met:

  • The common LoadComplete project must be available for all involved team members and they must be able to edit project files independently of each other. The following sections of the current topic describe how you can share LoadComplete projects among several QA team members.

  • To work on the project concurrently, your QA team must be able to run several instances of LoadComplete.

    To have multiple LoadComplete instances running in your company network, you must either have the Floating User license of LoadComplete, or several Node-Locked licenses . For more information on LoadComplete licenses and how many product instances each license allows to launch, see LoadComplete License Types.

Storing Common Projects in Shared Network Locations

To provide all QA team members with access to a certain LoadComplete project, you can store project files in a shared folder on a network computer. The testers can load these files on their local computers and run tests.

All changes made to project files and project configuration files are shared among team members, that is, changes made by one team member will be available to others. For more information on LoadComplete project files and data they contain, see Project Files.

LoadComplete IDE’s settings and settings that control the recording and testing processes (for example, settings that you can specify in the Options dialog) are not stored in project files, and they are not shared. They can be different for each user.

Note: Keep in mind that working with projects stored in shared network folders may cause a conflict when several QA engineers are modifying the same project item simultaneously and the changes override each other.

Sharing Common Scenarios and Load Tests

LoadComplete allows you to share individual scenarios and load tests among several LoadComplete projects. This can be quite useful, for instance, if several testers are using the same scenario in different projects.

To include a scenario or a load test used in another project to your current project, simply add the appropriate scenario file (.tcLTSCN), or load test file (.tcLTTst) to your project. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Project Explorer panel.

  • Right-click the desired project item node.

  • Choose Add Existing Test or Add Existing Scenario from the context menu and select the desired file from the Open File dialog that appears.

LoadComplete will read the project item properties from the specified file and add an appropriate node to the project tree. You can edit and save the imported scenarios and load tests the way you do it with native project items.

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