Request Header Panel

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About the Request Header Panel

The Request Header panel shows the header contents of the request selected in the Details panel.

Below is a sample view of the panel:

Request Header Panel

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Information on the Panel

The panel has the following columns:

Column Description
Field The name of the header field.
Recorded The header field’s recorded value. It can be either the value LoadComplete recorded during scenario recording or the value you set manually in the Scenario editor.
Simulated The header field values that the test engine sent to the server during the test run. If you have a variable assigned to the header field, the column contains the variable value.
To view the full contents of the simulated requests’ headers after the test run, make sure the Store log data option is set to All data (Report + Details) and set the Store request and response data option to Start line and headers or Complete data (start line, headers and body). Otherwise, the Simulated column will show only the start line of the response.

The panel highlights differences between recorded and simulated requests with various colors:

Highlighting the differences between the recorded and simulated requests

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  • Transparent - The simulated value is the same as the recorded value.

  • Yellow - The simulated value differs from the recorded value.

  • Pink - The recorded value was not simulated.

  • Blue - The simulated value is not present in the recorded request.

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