Server Monitoring Section

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

The Server Monitoring section of the Report panel contains reports for server-side metrics measured during the test run.

You specify the target server (or servers) and the metrics to measure on the Counters page of your project before running your test.

To view the Server Monitoring section:

  • Open the desired Report item (if it is not open yet). To do that, expand the test log item node under the Project_Name Logs folder in the Project Explorer and double-click its child Report node.

  • In the Report panel, switch to the Infrastructure tabbed page.

Standard Counters

In this section we will describe standard server performance counters. For more information on graphs that display values of the standard counters, refer to the following sources:

CPU (%) Graph

Disk Time (%) Graph

Memory (MB) Graph

Memory (%) Graph

Custom Counters

Along with the standard counters mentioned above, you can also specify custom counters for monitoring the desired server. Graphs for all custom counters are also shown in the Server Monitoring section of the test results.

For more information on other sections and pages of the Report panel, see Report Panel.

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