About Simulating Virtual Users on Multiple Workstations

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

To test your server performance under a massive load, you need to simulate dozens or hundreds of virtual users. However, simulating a huge number of virtual users consumes the CPU, memory and other resources, and may cause system overload and invalid results.

Due to certain operating system limitations, the maximum number of concurrent virtual users that LoadComplete can simulate on a single computer is 2000. In your load tests, you can assign only this many virtual users to a single workstation. To simulate more virtual users, you need to use extra workstations.

Another reason for simulating virtual users on remote workstations is to emulate real-life conditions when different users are working with the web server from different computers.

In LoadComplete, you can add remote stations to your test project and simulate virtual users on them during the test run. For each virtual user or group of virtual users, you can select a station where the user or users will simulate traffic.

To simulate virtual users on remote computers, you use the LoadComplete Remote Agent utility. All the computers where you want to simulate virtual uses must have the utility installed and running. The utility can simulate up to 2000 concurrent virtual users on the computer where it is installed.

Note: If you simulate traffic on Amazon cloud computers, you can assign any number of virtual users to the cloud computers in your load tests. LoadComplete will launch the needed number of instances and distribute the virtual users among them automatically.

The maximum number of virtual users that can be simulated on a single cloud computer is specified by the Max VU number property of the Amazon image from which the cloud computer will be launched.

For more information on requirements load stations must meet, see Requirements. For information on preparing your remote station for distributed load testing, see Setting Up Remote Agent Stations.

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