Show Again Flags

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Use the Show Again Flags dialog to control whether LoadComplete displays certain confirmation messages, dialog boxes, and warnings.

To call the Show Again Flags dialog:

  1. Select Tools > Options from the main menu.

  2. Then, select General > Show Again Flags from the tree displayed on the left side of the Options dialog.

You can change the following options:

  • Check for updates at startup – If this option is enabled, every time you start LoadComplete it checks to see whether you are using the latest available product version and if you are not, it offers you to download the latest version from the SmartBear web site. See How to Check for Available Updates for more information.

Cloud machine price
  • Show the estimated price of the run before starting cloud machines – If this option is enabled, LoadComplete will show the approximate cost of Amazon EC2 resources it will use. It will do it when you start a load test that simulates virtual users on cloud instances or when you launch cloud instances manually from LoadComplete IDE. For detailed information on calculating the cost, see Estimating Cloud Resource Costs.

  • Show the "WebSocket server messages detected" message – If this option is enabled, every time you record WebSocket traffic, LoadComplete will show a notification informing you that it has disabled all recorded server messages. This happens because by default, the WebSocket protocol is used for asynchronous data transfer, and LoadComplete won't wait for the server messages when simulating the recorded WebSocket traffic.

    If your client and server send messages synchronously, you can enable the server messages in the Scenario editor. For more information, see Support for WebSocket Protocol (HTML5).

  • Show the "Your settings differ from the recommended ones" message – Before scenario recording, LoadComplete checks the cache and browser settings. If this option is enabled, and if the settings you use differ from the recommended ones, LoadComplete warns you about the difference and suggests that you specify the recommended values.

  • Show the "Ask for Assistance" message – Specifies whether LoadComplete displays a message suggesting that you contact a product specialist if scenario verification fails, or if a test with 25 or fewer virtual users fails.

    This option is effective only in LoadComplete Trial. In LoadComplete Pro, to ask for assistance manually, click Ask for Assistance at the top of the LoadComplete window.

  • Show the “Select verification settings” message – If this option is enabled and you start verifying a scenario with non-zero page think time values, LoadComplete displays a message asking whether you want to ignore the recorded page think time values during verification.

    If the option is disabled, LoadComplete does not show the message and uses the recorded think time values by default.

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