Applies to Collaborator 13.2, last modified on October 02, 2020

The Review Materials screen, or the Diff Viewer, is where most of the reviewing takes place. The commenting format and functionality will differ depending on what file type you are reviewing. We support the following file types:

  • Text files (including source code and any other text-based formats)

  • Word processing documents (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .docm, .dot, .dotm, .dotx, .odt and .ott)

  • Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsb, .xlsm, .xltm, .xltx and .ods)

  • Presentations (.ppt, .pptx, .pot, .potm, .potx, .pps, .ppsm, .ppsx, .pptm and .odp)

  • Visio vector graphics (.vdw, .vdx, .vsd, .vsdm, .vsdx, .vss, .vssm, .vssx, .vst, .vstm, .vstx, .vsx and .vtx)

  • Images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif)

  • PDF documents (.pdf and any other document types converted to PDF format)

  • URLs (HTTP and HTTPS)

Document review (except for text-based and image files) is only supported on 64-bit Collaborator servers. On 32-bit platforms, Collaborator may fail to process the documents due to insufficient memory.
The CollaboratorĀ Visual Studio Extension and Eclipse Plug-in only support reviewing text files and source code. To review other formats, use the Web Client.

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