Automatically create reviews for Simulink models from remote repositories

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

Collaborator administrators can configure it to automatically create or update reviews for Simulink models that were found in pull requests or pushes from remote repositories. This feature complements the Collaborator's ability to automatically create reviews for remote repository integrations.

How it works

When remote repository integration is enabled, Collaborator automatically creates or updates reviews for pull requests and/or direct pushes to specified branches.

If the changed files include Simulink models (.mdl or .slx), Collaborator tries to invoke MathWorks MATLAB to automatically export those models as web view archives and upload them to review.

If MathWorks MATLAB is not installed on the same machine where Collaborator server is installed, Collaborator uploads models as binary files and displays a warning that Simulink models cannot be reviewed as MATLAB is not configured on Collaborator server.


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