User Mentioning

Applies to Collaborator 13.8, last modified on October 15, 2021


User mentioning is currently supported for the following fields of Web Client:

Other fields of Web Client and other clients do not send any notifications when mentioning users.

How it works

To mention a user just type the @ character followed by user login or display name.

Typing-in a user mention

The editor will display a drop-down with user suggestions, which filters-out the available users as you type. You can also select the desired user using mouse or using Up, Down and Enter keys.

When you submit your comment or defect, Collaborator sends an e-mail and in-app notifications, so that mentioned users may check the corresponding comment or defect.

User in-app notification

Technical details and limitations

  • The list of suggested users contains only those users that are allowed to access the current review according to the Restrict access to review setting.
  • Users are identified by their login (as it is unique). User display names are listed to simplify search and improve readability.
  • User name and login search is case-insensitive.
  • The list of suggested users is refreshing with each input character.
  • The list of suggested users is limited by 20 first users that match the input.
  • User mentioning is only processed when a blank space character precedes the @ character. For example: test @username1. It is not processed when the @ character occurs within the string. For example:

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