Version 6.0.6005

Applies to Collaborator 14.5, last modified on May 06, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Collaborator 6.0.6005. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

  • fixed --- Typing in Eclipse Plug-in chat and defect text boxes is slow

  • fixed --- Eclipse Plug-in Review Editor icon inconsistent

  • fixed --- File URL's break Review overview (Case 51666)

  • fixed --- GUI Client missing larger logo sizes

  • fixed --- Diff Viewer Prev/Next buttons do not work (Case 52157)

  • fixed --- If redacted comment is most recent comment you cannot make the same comment (Case 52224)

  • fixed --- Hidden markers shown again when zoom changes

  • fixed --- Missing page notification fails to clear after zoom

  • fixed --- Chat column too narrow in IE8 (Case 52280)

  • fixed --- Strange text in confirmation message box when deleting Defect (Case 51460)

  • fixed --- User detail report missing one Group (Case 52110)

  • fixed --- Javascript error loading Groups admin screen

  • fixed --- Participant names are listed in phases where no custom fields are visible (Case 52042)

  • fixed --- Eclipse Plug-in Review Editor shows extraneous "treenode" icon on files

  • fixed --- Eclipse Plug-in initialize custom fields with default values

  • fixed --- Wrong default value for selection custom field

  • fixed --- Print to Review installer should update system path variable (Case 52390)

  • fixed --- Eclipse Plug-in remove "edit" state for Defects

  • fixed --- Unable to parse remote origin url from config file (Case 52589)

  • added --- Documentation for Git integration in the GUI Client

  • added --- Documentation for redact comment feature

  • added --- Command-Line Client command "ccollab admin review set-participants"

  • added --- Documentation for Mercurial integration

  • added --- Drag and drop participants to change roles in the Eclipse Plug-in Review Editor

  • added --- Right-click to edit participants in the Eclipse Plug-in Review Editor

  • added --- Display participant custom fields in Review detail report

  • added --- Eclipse Plug-in UI to add participants

  • added --- Eclipse Plug-in Review Editor can drag from users list to participant list to add participants

  • added --- Drop-down menus to select which version to diff in Eclipse Plug-in Compare Editor

  • added --- Print to Review documentation with troubleshooting info on Windows 7 and Vista (Case 52398)

  • added --- UI field assist for custom field errors in Eclipse Plug-in

  • added --- Database views for participant custom fields (Case 52324)

  • added --- Eclipse Plug-in Conversations view can be filtered to show only defects or comments, removed "Defects" and "Comments" views

  • added --- Eclipse Plug-in allow multiple instances of Conversations view

  • added --- File status (added/modified/deleted) icon decorations in Eclipse Plug-in Review Editor

  • added --- Show Eclipse icon for file type in Eclipse Plug-in Review Editor

Fixes from 5.0 build 5033:

  • fixed --- P4 integration ignores unmodified 'move/add' files when configured to 'revertUnchanged' (Case 52319)

  • fixed --- Command-Line Client "ccollab addchanges" link in Subversion command line documentation (Case 52413)

  • added --- Support adding MKS change packages from other authors (Case 52317)

  • added --- Performance improvements for custom field queries

  • added --- Option to specify how frequently server checks for stalled reviews (performance) (Case 52392)

Fixes from 5.0 build 5032:

  • fixed --- TFS Date parsing error in New Zealand (Case 51476)

  • fixed --- Improve performance - remove some wasteful queries

Fixes from 5.0 build 5031:

  • fixed --- Not finding CMVC track and find binaries on Solaris (Case 51930)

  • fixed --- Error adding TFS Shelveset to Review (Case 51386)

  • fixed --- Performance issues with SQL Server activity queries (Case 52086)

  • fixed --- Not all defect activity pulls defect activity trigger (Case 51898)

  • fixed --- Dynamic reports now properly display MSSQL/HSQL dates (Case 49695)

  • fixed --- do not include Group User members in configuration-only dump

  • added --- More debug logging for "add diffs" commands

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