Working With the Disassembler Panel

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This topic describes how you can work with the Disassembler panel.

Specifying the Processor Family

Note that binary code for a different processor can denote different commands. In other words, the same sequence of bytes can be different instructions for different processors, for example, for Pentium IV and AMD K6. Use the Processor family option to specify the CPU type for which the executable was compiled.

Copying and Saving the Instructions

To copy the selected instructions to the clipboard, click Copy from the context menu.

To save the selected instructions to a text file, click Save Selection. The Ctrl and Shift keys allow for multiple selections (see Selecting Several Records in a Panel).

To save all instructions displayed in the panel, select Save All.

Searching the Instructions

To search for the desired text in the Disassembler panel, you can use the Find dialog.

Adding and Removing Columns

By default, AQTime does not display all available columns in the Disassembler panel. You can add columns to and remove them from the panel at any time.

For more information on this, see Adding and Removing Columns.

Arranging Columns

You can easily arrange columns (move them, change their size, etc.) the same way you can do this in other AQTime panels. See Arranging Columns, Lines and Panels. Besides supporting these standard adjustments, the Disassembler panel lets you:

  • Change a column's width so that the column becomes wide enough to display its contents and caption. To do this, select Adjust Column Width from the context menu or double-click the divider next to the right of the desired column.
  • Change the font color for a column, its text alignment, its format string, etc., by selecting Format Columns from the context menu, which will call the Format Columns dialog.
  • Alternatively, change text alignment in a column by selecting Alignment from the column header's context menu. See Format Columns Dialog.
  • Change data display format for a column (Value, Percent, Graph Bar and Color) by selecting Display Format from the column header's context menu. See Displaying Results in the Report, Details and Disassembler Panels.

Showing additional information

When Show panel header panel option is enabled, the panel displays a header that lists names of the source file and routine, as well as the instruction set, disassembly type (native or managed), routine length (in bytes) and the number of the source file line at which the routine code starts.

To show Instruction Description box at the bottom of the panel that displays the description of the selected assembler instruction, enable the Show instruction description option.

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