Working With the Call Tree Panel

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This topic describes the common tasks you can perform in the Call Tree panel.

Viewing Critical Paths

The Call Tree can display the critical path for the given tree of calls or object references. The critical path (in bold) is the “longest” route in the tree. For instance, for the Performance profiler, the critical path can be the route in which the sum of the Time with Children values is the largest in the tree. Another example is for the Allocation profiler, for which the critical path can be the route in which the sum of the Size values is the largest in the tree.

The critical path allows you to determine which series of routine calls has the most significant effect on the performance of the profiled application. Optimizing routines that belong to the critical path will help you reach optimization of the entire application faster.

To specify the parameter to be used to calculate the “length” of the route, do the following:

  • Select Customize from the context menu.

  • In the consequent Call Tree Options dialog, select the desired column.

In addition, using this dialog, you can specify whether AQTime should expand the nodes of the critical path, and if yes, how many of them should be expanded (starting from the root node).

Expanding and Collapsing Nodes

You can expand or collapse all the nodes of the tree displayed in the Call Tree panel by choosing Expand All or Collapse All from the panel’s context menu.

Storing Panel Contents

You can store the panel contents to a file (an HTML, XML or text file). To do this, choose Save All from the panel’s context menu and specify the name and format of the file to which you want to store the contents.

Customizing Columns

Regardless of the profiler you use, you can easily customize the columns of the Call Tree panel. You can select which columns you want to display in the selected pane and which ones you want to hide. See Adding and Removing Columns.

In addition, like in other AQTime panels that hold table information, you can specify the desired display format for a particular column. See Changing Column Format.

Sorting Results

You can sort records by a column in the panel. To do this, click the header of the desired column once to sort the contents in one direction and once more to change the direction.

This applies the specified sorting order to all the records that belong to the same level in the tree.

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