AQTime Trial vs. Commercial Version

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime is an integrated profiler toolkit that helps you find performance bottlenecks and memory and resource leaks in your applications and easily eliminate them. AQTime supports all modern .NET and native code compilers and works on almost any version of the Windows operating system including the latest ones.

AQTime trial helps you evaluate the product’s features before purchasing the commercial version.

AQTime Trial Limitations

As compared to the commercial version, the trial version of AQTime has a number of limitations:

  • AQTime trial version has reduced functionality compared to the commercial version. See below.

    When you are trying to perform an operation that is not supported by AQTime trial, it displays special messages that inform you about the limitation and say that the feature you are trying to use is available in the commercial version of the product.

  • The trial period is 14 days.

  • The trial license is a Floating User license.

    There is a difference between the Floating User and Node-Locked AQTime licenses (see AQTime 8 Licensing Guide). If you purchase a Node-Locked license of AQTime, you may find that some functionality is disabled.

Important: The list below describes the differences between the trial and commercial versions of AQTime as they are at the moment of the AQTime version 8 release. The limitations can change in the future. You can find the most recent information about the differences on the SmartBear web site.

How AQTime Pro Trial Differs From the Commercial Version

The trial version of AQTime does not support some features of the product. They are listed below. All of these features are available in the commercial version of AQTime Pro:

Technical Support

Users of the AQTime trial version are entitled to technical support services provided by SmartBear. If you come across a problem, you can send a message to our Support Team or search for answers in AQTime community, FAQs or in technical papers on our web site. For more information, see Technical Support and Resources.

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